For all foreign citizens living and working in the Republic of Serbia, EQUILIBRIO Educational Centre organises individual courses of the Serbian language.

These individual courses are aimed at foreign citizens employed in Serbia, as well as for their family members.

The Serbian for Foreigners course can be organised on your premises, in the comfort of your home, in our Centre or online.

The main goal of the Serbian for Foreigners individual course is to enable foreign citizens to learn and actively use the Serbian language in everyday and business situations.

The individual Serbian language course is designed to facilitate students’ active participation in the acquisition of linguistic structures and vocabulary necessary for the improvement of language skills. Class activities are carefully balanced so as to equally practice reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Language teachers and instructors from our Centre are highly qualified and experienced experts in language teaching and instruction. Having taught foreigners for many years, they have developed the most effective approach to teaching, with a lot of practice in real life situations.

Apart from the essential course book, the curriculum comprises additional material such as handouts, flash-cards, audio and video files, with the aim of providing an additional incentive for progress in learning the Serbian language within a short period of time.

The language of instruction is mostly English. However, at your request, the language of instruction can also be one of the languages our Centre has in its selection. Therefore, the language of instruction (the language in which a teacher gives the explanations to the student) can be: German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian or French.

The course is organised as one-to-one classes. The start of the course and the time of classes are completely flexible and are arranged according to the wishes of the attendant (in the morning, afternoon or evening).

Price list

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